About Me

A little bit about me.

I am a Massage Therapist, Rolfer®, Ace Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Mom of 2. 

I've been a massage therapist on cruise ships; for the NY Yankees; for local businesses (go to their location); for athletes including: weekend warriors, professional athletes, student athletes & national senior weight lifting champion; for people with new joint replacements, fibromyalgia, migraines and those suffering with back, neck, shoulder pain. It's a long list.

2 of my passions in life are acting and travel. For acting, I've done a variety of roles from being the lead, to supporting, to ensemble. I love it all. One of my favorite places in the world is the stage and I have met some of my best friends there. 

As far as traveling,  I've traveled in China, West Africa, Kazakhstan, most countries in Europe & South America (I was a massage therapist on a cruise line and we did a 7 week cruise around South America. It was an amazing trip!) I always see great places, eat great food and meet great people.